Something about the sun setting in the west and over the water feels so right to me, I cannot describe it completely.

These days I go up to my rooftop and watch the sunset every chance I get. Till not only the lights from apartments and streets flicker on but in the ocean I can see the ships with their lights on, it’s such a pretty sight. The area where I live in is called Inner Sunset. The sunsets in Manhattan were good but not like this where you get the panoramic view of the city and the horizon beckoning the sun, no wonder the sun is setting, who could refuse it?

Maybe because I grew up in Bombay where the sun always set into the water in the Indian Ocean, the sun setting over the Pacific feels so right. It also closes the day. Cause the next place to witness the sun has begun the new day and San Francisco will probably be the last place on in our world to take part in it.
(Now don’t be a smartass and say Hawaii, Ahma hurchu), you know what I mean or rather u no ahm sain’

So I take Adina (brand) I love their Ginjah (they copied my phonetic style, but that’s OK) and I watch the sunset. How sweet it is. Then the stars come out and if you are nice I will point out Ursa Major and the North Star (Dhruv). I try to see if one of the stars or rather which one, or how many are home to the people that have passed away and wonder if their souls are being honored and cared for and if they are watching this spectacle unfolding and having a giggle.

Come over and join me sometime. We can sip wine or something like that to welcome the night sky.


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