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This is what I want my President to say.

This is way too much common sense for a President. (since 2000). Don’t know if we are ready for it.

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My new friends in SF

When you meet them you’ll have to guess which on is which:

Friend #1 A mighty spiritual person with a genuine love of humanity. Generous spirit, kind hearted, a sense of kitsch that will resurrect the era and to the point, I mean to the point. With a silly sense of humor. Always encouraging and a real nurturing energy.

Friend #2 Makes faces of men having orgasms in restaurants, side-splitter, full-on. Bright. Wonderful host. Open to helping anytime.

Friend #3. Characteristic NY humor and savvy. Creative, hopeless technologist. I was looking for software – she said she has it all – I go there and she points to her computer saying I have all the apps burn all you want on disks. I said it doesn’t work that way, she seemed disappointed.

Friend 4: Tri-State transplant. Can detect an opportunity for you or itself from 10 miles away. Intelligent, super pragmatic and great with connecting the dots and calling you out! Private and confidential and has a tendency to go under water and then reach up for air once in a while but is always there when you call or reach out.

Friend 5: Native to this area, keeps the word, ambitious in every sense, appreciates fine, subtle nuances of life and is not-petty, is warm, sharp and inclusive.

I get by graciously with this company. I need a community wherever I go but being in an individualistic country and growing up in a communal environment there is a bridge that I have to cross and many a times, whether NY, Brooklyn or here, I have to lay the bridge myself, I just need volunteers to keep it working. The above 5 are the best of the lot.

p.s. My other Stalwarts and people in whose company I absolutely feel at home are in Sunnyvale.

I feel at home cause my friend knows me so well, there is not even any use trying to veil anything. What a relief! Love it.

There is an ultimate pleasure in being seen that’s what they give me.

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New job, new life.

2007 is in full view for me now, after 10 months. The reasons that I left New York are fully apparant to me. It was a depressing time for me while my stay was ending for a variety of reasons and my life seemed beyond my control.

Then after being jobless, homeless, broke and heartbroken I stumbled upon San Francisco.

Someplace I had always liked, admired but never dreamed that I would be living here someday. For one, there is something to be said for a physical beauty of the place, it gave me the space I needed to thrash my thoughts, toss them around and see where they fell.

A lot of habits are being uncovered now and I’m trying to probe why they started in the first place. Somethings are a result of my teens and somethings are a result of feeling alienated here.

It used to be hard for me to stay without any distraction. So when I tried – no TV, no music, no books, no computer, nothing, just me a cup of tea and my innermost thoughts for company, just observing each one and not passing any judgment. – It was overwhelming at first. Then almost meditative after a while.

So after months and years I am completely comfortable with silence.

Each innermost devil has been welcomed and made to sit with me and my cup of tea. Then we have intimate conversations as to why he even exists, how he made his way through upto here and now, we probe to his beginnings, there used to be an Ameet before him that’s who I’m looking out for, so we go deep and investigate, we talk, laugh, cry but after all that we say goodbye.

I assure him that if he needs to talk, I’m here but we don’t need him anymore and that he is free to go.

Many have left. Some weak ones say hi every now and then but they know they are no longer welcome.

So the process of healing continues. This is an abstract version for what is in my journal. This is the marinade for the meat and I feel good writing it this way, should someone be interested in exorcising their demons or/and might have found a different way, I’d love to talk to them.

Never before did I feel at home at home and now I do. I always, always wanted to do creative agency work but I had no agency experience nor advertising/marketing degree. Still I managed to get just that job!

I think wonderful things happen when you let them, when you create that space when you drive out the demons.

Not that everything is hunky dory from now on but I’ve invested in a life and got a life that I wanted, all the struggles will get even more personal from now on and I’m grateful for that, rather have that than a skimmer, rather nothing than mediocre.

And only when I think my creative bucket is empty, I’ve begun composing and writing two new songs.



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Spitzer’s Apology.

“His wife must be feeling awful” my friend said regarding Spitzer.

To be honest, I don’t know. I don’t know what kind of an arrangement he had with his wife, how complicit she was in all this, maybe she was non-sexual, who knows…only they know it and it matters strictly only to them.

I do believe that he must be visiting prostitutes for years now. I also think it was his self-hatred that made him go after the prostitution ring with such a vengeance.

I think human beings are a complicated mix, for me to demand so and so of Spitzer is unfair. I personally have no misgivings about his job, he did a magnificent job bulldozing the unfair-complicit Wall Street firms. He was high on power and it came out in many different ways – this scandal’s result of one of them.

I personally don’t need him to apologize to us or explain his moral standing. I do think he owes an apology to the other prostitution agencies he closed and then as far as I’m concerned he could return to his job.

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The tragic Sean Bell shooting reminds me of Amadou Dialo and Guiliani’s intransigence even to apologize to the family.

SFPD kills the killer Tatiana (The tigress from the SF zoo) with 3 bullets.

NYPD fires 50 bullets on Sean Bell, 41 on Amadou. No intention to maim or prohibit but to kill.

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NYC footprint in SF.

Having C here is wonderful. She is a remarkably intuitive being who is real, creative and honors anything good. What a delight to be in her company.

Also she was one of my 1st neighbors in NYC and it brings back memories of our sillyness together. Celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving or hanging out in bars.

It shows how both of us (and the rest) have progressed through the years and it’s friendship that I miss.

Today is C’s birthday and Chez Spencer here we come!!! Mangia!

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Blue Bottle Coffee to the People

So after spending my most cherished part of the day (sunrise) at Coffee to the People.

I set out to get some breakfast and ended up at Cafe Boulange on 500 Hayes St. Had the sweetest and softest French Toast there and headed out to get a cup of San Francisco’s (or anywhere for that matter) best coffee.

Blue bottle coffee is on Lankin St and they operate out of a garage so inspite of being the most beautiful city in America, you are left to the sidewalk in terms of aesthetics and even worse a paper cup.

So this Indian walks into the coffee bar and asks “Is this the only Blue Bottle cafe?, is there another one where I can sit and drink my coffee?” The barista replies “there’s a new one on 5th and Mission”, so the Indian sets out, gets to 4th/5th/6th and Mission, can’t find it, so after a zig-zag path of no-turns and right-turn onlies he comes back to square one and says hello to the barista again after standing in line for
15 minutes.

After seeing me and me saying “I couldn’t find it”. He says did you go into the plaza, “no”. At this point just give me a cup of your goddamn coffee Ok. I say to the other barista “For here” and he’s putting it in a paper cup. Now no paper cup is touching my lips ever again if I can allow it.  So I say, “I asked for here”, he apologizes, puts hot water into a ceramic cup, so as to heat it. He totally wins my heart my doing it. Then proceeds to offer me the most amazing cup of drip coffee. It tastes even sweeter cause the 1st barista doesn’t charge me.

T his is really how I’m finding San Francisco, it’s a lot non-committal than NewYork, sometimes I feel that people try hard to be indirect, however in California’s consensus based society, this laid-backness is refreshing. It’s not as austere as NYC and more conducive to letting be. That’s the only way I can put it. You should come try it. The coffee I mean. 🙂

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Back in Black


Seems like this blog was the best way to let people know what I’ve been upto, so It’s back by request.

 So…. if anyone has read “Devil in the White City” can they comment about the macabre events towards the very end. I don’t want to reveal it but it was the most scary part for me.

This weekend I’ll update more. Otherwise in general, feeling at home, at home.

It’s turning out nicely.  Carrie will be over in a few days and I’m looking forward to her visit.

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Ending my travels and this blog.

This journey that started with my trip to London over last Christmas has finally come to a close.

It was clear I had to leave NYC for a multitude of reasons. I had been feeling stuck and I read somewhere,, “You are not getting anywhere, because there is nowhere to go”.  It resonated with me and I that’s when I had decided to leave NYC.

Then I wanted to go to Austin for creative reasons and when things did not go my way and instead of fighting I gave in. OK the only way to surf is to go with the wave, so I said bring it on.

One thing led to another…Yoga, Coffeshops, Temping, Job, Room-mate, new friends and finally my own apartment with the morning and evening light coming in, I feel at home.

It feels good to be finally able to breathe normally, get off the roller coaster and stop being a rolling stone. So the purpose of this blog is done. The journey about to take place now will be a psychological one of manifesting my creativity.

In this season of giving, I’d like to give my heartfelt thanks to my close friends in NYC and to strangers who took the time to take me in, write a comment or say a word. I kept feeling I was still connected.

Stay warm.

In the words of Kahlil Gibran “In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.

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I’ve started two stepping.

I hope to learn more line dances and will be taking Di with me to learn at least one. She doesn’t know it yet, but which warm blooded lady (and some gents) would give up the opportunity to dance with real courteous gentlemen?

Check it out for yourself

and join me sometime.

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