Posted by: drinkchai | July 9, 2008

1st Open Mike in San Francisco

Can’t believe it but I did 4 originals. Got a real response from other musicians, some were humming the tunes – now that is a complement.

Besides that, it felt so right to sing what I feel so intimately and to share it with people. It was surreal and then have them identify with it.

Feels natural and I am happy doing it. I love it more than anything, everything about it. Can’t wait to do more.

This Italian singer compared my style and delivery to Freddie Mercury – a HUGE complement. One of them said “Give It Up” sounded like something George Michael would do. Another Huge complement. I’m high. Gracias.



  1. Hey Ameet, this is awesome dude!! Congrats and hope you do super in the future. BTW, I have 2 of your songs on my ipod – let me know where I can get more 🙂

  2. Wait what happpened to having a recording of this… and next time maybe a live cameras so that we can enjoy too!

    In the meantime I’ll take the recorded version of the songs. Congrats!

  3. Goody, finally people that pay to hear you rather than you paying us to sit through your songs. Upload it to iTunes already. -S

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