Posted by: drinkchai | June 29, 2008

“It’s nice to be loved”

Gay Pride in San Francisco, the city is as colorful as it’s sunset sky. Last night was Pink Saturday, Dykes on Bikes and lots of them and a massive parade for their support by gay, straight, and everyone…!

K is visiting me from NYC so I decided to be an honorary lesbian for the night and go to bars where the ladies are. After witnessing some amazing sights that I won’t go into.

On my way home this guy was bid goodbye by two of this girl-friends. They hugged him so tight and smooched him. He was standing right next to me so I said..”wow they love you”.

He turns around and in an attitude that doesn’t reveal the vulnerability of the moment.  With eyebrows trying to get closer (and higher), said “Yeaaah”.

So I said “It’s nice to be loved.” No comment. He stared at me for a second or two and then disappeared.

I was left wondering a little if he had a hard time even saying “Yeeah”. And why attitude trumps over vulnerability in public spaces and as a publicly-accepted-and-approved display to strangers.

In any case. It is nice to be loved.


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