Posted by: drinkchai | April 29, 2008

New Job.

The ethos of an organization is palpable in a few days if not immediately. It’s like being a visitor in someone else’s house. You pick up on a lot of things and then you decide if you want to stay more or not. Sometime they decide it for you.

Knowing full well it’s a capitalist society and that I need to earn a living, what am I prepared to take, besides the paycheck and coffee breaks?

Having worked as a day laborer I know there is minimum stress and the body gets an amazing workout, it gets in tune with itself…long life guaranteed. It’s so transactional and at the end of the day there is no work in your head, no wonder so many people wait tables and bartend for a living.

With my new job I signed up for doing web work, which I enjoy. However what I did not sign up for and is blatantly assumed by my employer is this: 1. Passive Aggressiveness
2. Disrespect

That’s it to sum it up but that in itself is a lot. Grown up people trying to muscle their way to achieve what? a web page? it’s not like they are saving lives, but probably want to feel of importance desperately.

People with a passion in life, a passion for life are quite different than people who try to mistake their work for their life.  I have to feel passionate about work cause as Idlemuse brilliantly pointed out that if I would just think of work as a paycheck bearer – which is fine – but eventually I will get depressed.

The ethos has led to a pathos.
People say, oh you’ll find it everywhere, I agree but that doesn’t mean I’ll ignore it

I can choose my friends and I do, I can’t choose the people I work with…not yet 🙂

but that doesn’t mean I have to be quiet about it. Right?

Don’t have any answers yet but just trusting my instincts and holding up my values. Learning more what matters to me and why. We’ll see how this unfolds…stay tuned….


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