Posted by: drinkchai | March 19, 2008

Spitzer’s Apology.

“His wife must be feeling awful” my friend said regarding Spitzer.

To be honest, I don’t know. I don’t know what kind of an arrangement he had with his wife, how complicit she was in all this, maybe she was non-sexual, who knows…only they know it and it matters strictly only to them.

I do believe that he must be visiting prostitutes for years now. I also think it was his self-hatred that made him go after the prostitution ring with such a vengeance.

I think human beings are a complicated mix, for me to demand so and so of Spitzer is unfair. I personally have no misgivings about his job, he did a magnificent job bulldozing the unfair-complicit Wall Street firms. He was high on power and it came out in many different ways – this scandal’s result of one of them.

I personally don’t need him to apologize to us or explain his moral standing. I do think he owes an apology to the other prostitution agencies he closed and then as far as I’m concerned he could return to his job.



  1. I totally agree. Who cares what he did in his spare time. He was the only one who dared to bust the broken and corrupt system up in Albany – dang spitzer could you not have been a little more discreet for a few more years?
    I don’t need my governors or presidents to be morally superior – I need them to be competent, not corrupt, efficient not slimeballs, think about the greater good and not about their own wallets.
    I think its commendable that he continued to bust prostitution rings even while visiting one – I mean talk about not allowing conflict of interest to affect his job – oh well. Now we have to suffer thru the shenanigans of sheldon silver and his croneys (spelling?)

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