Posted by: drinkchai | March 19, 2008

My new friends in SF

When you meet them you’ll have to guess which on is which:

Friend #1 A mighty spiritual person with a genuine love of humanity. Generous spirit, kind hearted, a sense of kitsch that will resurrect the era and to the point, I mean to the point. With a silly sense of humor. Always encouraging and a real nurturing energy.

Friend #2 Makes faces of men having orgasms in restaurants, side-splitter, full-on. Bright. Wonderful host. Open to helping anytime.

Friend #3. Characteristic NY humor and savvy. Creative, hopeless technologist. I was looking for software – she said she has it all – I go there and she points to her computer saying I have all the apps burn all you want on disks. I said it doesn’t work that way, she seemed disappointed.

Friend 4: Tri-State transplant. Can detect an opportunity for you or itself from 10 miles away. Intelligent, super pragmatic and great with connecting the dots and calling you out! Private and confidential and has a tendency to go under water and then reach up for air once in a while but is always there when you call or reach out.

Friend 5: Native to this area, keeps the word, ambitious in every sense, appreciates fine, subtle nuances of life and is not-petty, is warm, sharp and inclusive.

I get by graciously with this company. I need a community wherever I go but being in an individualistic country and growing up in a communal environment there is a bridge that I have to cross and many a times, whether NY, Brooklyn or here, I have to lay the bridge myself, I just need volunteers to keep it working. The above 5 are the best of the lot.

p.s. My other Stalwarts and people in whose company I absolutely feel at home are in Sunnyvale.

I feel at home cause my friend knows me so well, there is not even any use trying to veil anything. What a relief! Love it.

There is an ultimate pleasure in being seen that’s what they give me.


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