Posted by: drinkchai | February 16, 2008

Blue Bottle Coffee to the People

So after spending my most cherished part of the day (sunrise) at Coffee to the People.

I set out to get some breakfast and ended up at Cafe Boulange on 500 Hayes St. Had the sweetest and softest French Toast there and headed out to get a cup of San Francisco’s (or anywhere for that matter) best coffee.

Blue bottle coffee is on Lankin St and they operate out of a garage so inspite of being the most beautiful city in America, you are left to the sidewalk in terms of aesthetics and even worse a paper cup.

So this Indian walks into the coffee bar and asks “Is this the only Blue Bottle cafe?, is there another one where I can sit and drink my coffee?” The barista replies “there’s a new one on 5th and Mission”, so the Indian sets out, gets to 4th/5th/6th and Mission, can’t find it, so after a zig-zag path of no-turns and right-turn onlies he comes back to square one and says hello to the barista again after standing in line for
15 minutes.

After seeing me and me saying “I couldn’t find it”. He says did you go into the plaza, “no”. At this point just give me a cup of your goddamn coffee Ok. I say to the other barista “For here” and he’s putting it in a paper cup. Now no paper cup is touching my lips ever again if I can allow it.  So I say, “I asked for here”, he apologizes, puts hot water into a ceramic cup, so as to heat it. He totally wins my heart my doing it. Then proceeds to offer me the most amazing cup of drip coffee. It tastes even sweeter cause the 1st barista doesn’t charge me.

T his is really how I’m finding San Francisco, it’s a lot non-committal than NewYork, sometimes I feel that people try hard to be indirect, however in California’s consensus based society, this laid-backness is refreshing. It’s not as austere as NYC and more conducive to letting be. That’s the only way I can put it. You should come try it. The coffee I mean. 🙂



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