Posted by: drinkchai | November 1, 2007

Earthquakes and what not

Earthquakes can be scary and even though this one was 2 miles under the surface it still jolted most of us. They are all waiting for a major one.
So after being in this area for a few months now and meeting the locals some of whom have lived in New York, it’s nice to hear different perspectives. I remember first arriving in New York and it seemed like everybody was so on the edge. I think after a few years I got used to it.

It’s a state where people say “Take it or Leave it” and I took it and then I left. True.

But something in the way people interact here is quite amazing, it’s more human.

People are less threatening to each other.

San Francisco may never have the conveniences of New York but it certainly makes it up with simple, warm communication and thelack of “Get out of my way” attitud – which is SO immature yet even the most bigshot of the bigshots takes pride in doing it in NYC.  So silly.

Ok off to take the train to work now. Y’awl have a good day.



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