Posted by: drinkchai | September 28, 2007

That’s so funny.

Why do people say “That’s so funny” and give a half-laugh. If it’s “so funny” as they say it then there should be spontaneous belly laughter right?

“That’s hysterical” Have you looked up hysteria in the dictionary? Don’t say it because everybody else says it.

This woman next to me at Peet’s Coffee said that to the person who she was talking to, it sounded so artificial.

I took the day off today and I’m using this time to get in touch with myself.



  1. hahaha that’s so funny 😉
    you’re right. i’ve caught myself doing it. i will say thats funny but not laugh. i guess i mean odd when i say funny sometimes.

  2. We are so ready to ego-soothe and societal formatting. Ask SG he will tell you in 3/4 dense lines. 🙂

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