Posted by: drinkchai | September 28, 2007


I live between The Castro and The Mission neighborhoods in San Francisco. I call it The Mistro. It’s a mix of everything progressive. It’s finally sunk into me that I might not be going to Austin at all.

However what I have found is a city that makes me feel at home, is creative, epicurial,  sophisticated, green, friendly and super progressive… yet all very managable. You hug it and it doesn’t try to fight you, like NYC does, this one hugs you back. I might be here for a long time.

Been writing a lot.

Song #3 is in progress and Song#4 & 5 are just being born. Trying to make new contacts and eventually build a community.

My roommate’s friend Mark called me to go watch a movie, I think I will. Mark is a funny bunny. When  you meet him, you will know exactly what I mean. Just don’t say “that’s so funny” when he really gets that way, just express yourself appropriately by laughing or howling or whatever and we’ll all get along fine. 🙂


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