Posted by: drinkchai | August 19, 2007

Noe Valley

Why it’s called No-E. Valley I don’t knowey.

Maybe no one does “E” there.

Had brunch with a friend of a friend who is a warm person and loves life. Then met up with her friend who was so funny but not in a funny way. She was joining her friends for dinner but had already made alternative plans cause she was so sure that the restaurant is not going to be good. Ok. Then she was complaining about an apartment close to 17th St being noisy – where has she been living? Antartica? 17th st is not that noisy for someone coming in from NYC, it’s on a hill so no big trucks or buses go up that street, plus we passed by the apartment and it was at least 7 buildings away from 17th St. ……I was flummoxed. Maybe she does live in Antartica. I didn’t ask.

Then she asked me why I left NYC and I answered by saying it had become too much for me after 12 years and that it’s been cleaned up a lot…. “So what’s wrong with it being clean?” she added before I could use a period in my speech the way it’s intended. So I said “I mean it’s cleaned up to the point of being sterile and has driven out a lot of creativity that it was so well nown for, now it’s a playground for the rich and for people who have made it, not making it.” Note: No more periods were used by me.

No reaction.

Then I got a haircut and walked almost 3 miles home.



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