Posted by: drinkchai | August 19, 2007

Bernal Heights with P & Oakland with M.

P reminds of D.

P is all about anti-consumerism which is really the best antidote to capitalism. Just don’t buy. That’s it.

Reuse everything, clothes, furniture. Use the public library for books and then you won’t complain that another Barnes & Nobles opened up in your hood. Make coffee at home then you won’t complain that another Starbucks is selling you Ethiopian coffee for $3/-

I really like her point of views and her as a person. We worked together several years ago in NYC and had the same mentor at work. When you visit me here, you’ll get to meet her too.

There is an apartment available in her building. If I don’t get that then I might be moving to Oakland, right by the lake, it’s beautiful and safe there and I can walk to work. But I was asking my friends  M&D that would I be hanging out in Oakland out of free will or am I doing this for other reasons like being close to work and saving money. I just want to question it enough to be clear why I’m doing it. I don’t want to move anywhere to be close to work. I want to move somewhere because I want to live there.  Having said that just that part of Oakland (north Lake Merritt) is the safest part of the city. It has a farmer’s market closeby and the lake is only a block away! It also has a rowing club. Plus a jogging track of 3.5 miles…

and Kaiser is only a 10-15 minute walk away!

Now we’re talkin’

Keep you posted. Remember not to buy anything corporate, expect clean underwear and toiletries otherwise people will noe.!


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