Posted by: drinkchai | August 10, 2007

I got a job.

I just received a contract from M2 my placement agency for my new work to begin next Monday! The process started only last Friday. Man these guys are fast. As a result I now have two job offers standing. It will be hard to say no to the previous job offer and I have to now. I initially was thrilled about the prospect of working in an AV studio, however I did realize on questioning that the work was a bit blurred and not outlined clearly, plus it involved driving almost everyday and in the least it was much less money.

This job is a stable job and as a consultant I can manage my own hours after a couple of months there and the contract says that my day ends at 5:00p.m.! Anything more is to be discussed and I already stated bluntly my “burnout” threshold  It was noted and heard. Wohoooo!

So. No more poverty.

And I get to stay in San Francisco!

What a relief! Hallelujah!! I mean Om Shanti!!!



  1. Congrats Ameet!!! Way to go 🙂

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