Posted by: drinkchai | August 10, 2007

Coffee to the People and one special cup for A

So I bought A a cup of coffee. He gave a warm smile, shook my hand vigorously and sat down to read his papers. Then I caught up with him … he’s got a small studio setup and plays the guitar and invited me to use his keyboard and to play together.

So maybe next week, we will be playing some tunes together. Maybe an open mike at CTTP.

V was there too but she was studying hard for her GRE so we didn’t talk for that time however after her test we did get a chance to exchange stories and do a tad bit of gossip. I know gossip already.

Then I came back and took a nap for 3 hours. This 5:30a.m. morning thing is not working for me. So it will have to end soon.

Plus I got into a huge debate about a situation in-house and that didn’t sit too well and I didn’t back down. My fault. As a result the Kracken was released…more later.



  1. hahaha keep the kracken released!

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