Posted by: drinkchai | August 4, 2007

“Only when you get what you want…

Will you have a real passion for life.”

I read that somewhere and believe it.

Last night I went out with my friends Michael and Dale, they are such sweet, entertaining people. I also volunteered at the AIDS walk with them. Kinda makes no sense to volunteer when you don’t have a home or a job but I did. So there.

Hanging out in SF is different, it’s slowly dawning on me. After spending so much time in NYC and pretty much coming to age there, along with it’s edge, aggressiveness, sophistication, nothing else will come close. Right now I don’t anything else to, for then I would be recreating the same. The same sensation of being of of touch in getting the life I want and the life I’m living. This place seems to be more in cohesion between the two.

Yesterday I was offered two consulting jobs. One really creative but paying less. The other is working with really great, nice people, more pay but it’s taking care of their software (ERP).

I plan on asking #1 supervisor ” On a good day what do your people say about you and what about on a bad day” Because I feel that they’ve called up my references and got stellar reviews. I need an honest appraisal of them too …right?… Maybe “If I was to meet a good ex-employee of yours what would he/she say”

I’ll let you know how that goes. 🙂

Today the sun is shining here. I always wondered while walking down W76th in NYC where there are some rose bushes in people’s patios. However not one of them give out a fragrance. Go check it and let me know if things have changed but I wouldn’t think so. Even in the corner shops/delis of NYC so many flowers, good looking flowers but no scent. Isn’t it true?

Over here you can tell the difference from the scent of a white rose versus a red one. They go for it!

Lavender bushes everywhere, smells like L’Occitane spilled their goods all over SF.

When the fog rolls in it’s magical and on a sunny day it’s an even more wonderous. How is NYC?



  1. Hi Ameet!

    Wonderful article… Have a nice day!

    Yen Chi

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