Posted by: drinkchai | August 2, 2007

Ambitious Yogi. I’m gonna get nirvana before you do dammit!



Waiting for my class at a10:30a.m. this excellent teacher Vidya is going to whip us gently into shape.

Just a thought that the younger male Yogis seem more competitive to me, almost political (internally) and I wonder what their thoughts are about the current administration/politics or are they removed from it. They seem to be a little holier-than-thou, drop quotes they’ve picked up but don’t or maybe can’t engage in discussing a thought to completion.

What that’s done for me is wonders. I’ve really learned to let go. Now infact I find humor in most discussions and will start laughing in the middle, not out of disrespect but out of absurdity of the opponent’s strict yogic thoughts.

Basically If I were a Yogi I’d be a Rajasic Yogi (passionate kind) at this point in my life, not a Sattvic Yogi (give up kind). But that’s not discussed. There are no discussions just quote dropping. As a result I will repeat the quotes in my silly British accent like this morning someone said “I’m not responsible for people’s reactions” and I repeated and those that laughed or smiled are my friends now 🙂

So regarding my thoughts on “anger” this guy really put it is perspective, he said “Inaction to avoid violence is violence.” & “You can’t be a pacifist on the battlefield” – simple. No mumbo jumbo. Thanks S. S also believes in societal interdependence and political consciousness. Bravo. My kinda Yogi 🙂

Have fun.


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