Posted by: drinkchai | July 31, 2007

Eggs, ham & cheese on a toasted bagel with assam golden tea.

I had to have it. The more time I spend at the Yoga class. The discourses feel like a way to escape being in the moment.

I mean 1/2 knowledge is a dangerous thing. Renouncing life before you have experienced it….not in my University.

So today after the morning medication I mean meditation. I was told to read a passage from a book. and incidentally the page was about Celibacy and it’s importance. Now you’re talking to someone who feels renewed and energized by the act and doesn’t look at it being a waste of energy. Ya yogi’s don’t say it’s bad, they ask you to channel the energy. The energy with the power of a life-force. Channel it now, don’t waste it. What more can I say?

One woman who is so in need of approbation tells me “I liked what you read today”.

If my thoughts were vocalized I’d say “Ew, Go away.”

I love doing yoga-asanas – rest of all is a waste of my time, not sex, this is.

I have my own philosophy. All I have to do is start my own religion if I need others to believe in it, but I don’t. I hope you don’t too.

Yesterday I met the drummer of Absinthe Boy. They are a good-getting-big rock/punk band and I hope to meet other “rockers”, musicians through him. He was ultra sweet, married to a man who he refers as “husband”. Sweet city.

Need to review my offer from my new most possible employer and get back to them.

Why don’t you get back to me? šŸ˜‰ Be well. Do your duty. Nothing else matters.




  1. You dont have to start your own religion, there is already one that would fit your beliefs… Yoga + Sex = Osho šŸ™‚

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