Posted by: drinkchai | July 28, 2007

Spirituality and Emotionality.

On the 5th day of Yoga my true love said to me.

“How about some emo-tion-nality”

In the mornings usually the Swami reads a passage regarding Spiritual practice and one of the messages simply put is that if you feel anger, start chanting the Lord’s name to reign the mind.

Basically don’t address it. If someone cuts you off while you are driving, remember that they are the Lord’s creation before you get angry.

My point is, yes they Lord’s creation, thank you and an asshole.

So yesterday my big bad mistake I got into a tete-a-tete with one of the residents and my point being that Spirituality & Emotionality exist in two different planes and it’s good to know about both – to understand yourself and others. I mean use spirituality to beautify your spirit but use emotionality to deal with emotions. To deal with emotions with spirituality is in my opinion like someone giving a history lecture in a geography class. Yes there are some very few overlaps but nothing is really understood.

But No.

Basically if I have desire then I have to learn to let go of it. If I feel anger then I have to subside it. Otherwise I’ll be reborn again and again and I said I have no problem with that. I mean the Church tries to suffocate you with Hell while you are here on Earth and now what? I’m supposed to be afraid that I’ll be reborn? What is this fear tactic about?

So back to “anger”. I said in practical life it’s impossible to count to 10 on certain occasions. Plus I gave the example of the guy in the dance-club (G’Ma’s bachelorette) who was bothering Nancy and Margaret and I got angry and I had to intervene but making sure I was physically between him and the girls, not as an aggressor but as a protector. Now the Yogic response would be “let go of the anger” My response “and wait for things to worsen? Fuck that”. It’s about doing your duty I said and then suddenly…”duty” was though of as being negative. I mean the whole of Mahabratha was fought for righteousness and violation of principle. Arjuna said “I can’t fight my brothers” and Krishna said “Do your duty girlfriend, Right the wrong”

So. The Yogic laws may apply inside the facility is what I think. Anyways you get my point.

Another thing is that being around you peeps in NYC, where everything is voiced and individuality is celebrated and opinions are expressed. I have realized that with the training you have imparted me and my own though-process have made me quite a debator and I have to let people know that in small doses. Otherwise it’s not taken well. Like ice cream. Only a scoop at a time and then let it digest. – That’s my lesson of the day. If I’m going to douse my anger? forget it. I am my own Arjun and my own Krishna.

Hare Krishna. Love to you.


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