Posted by: drinkchai | July 27, 2007

Day 3-4-5. Anuloma Viloma

This Pranayama business is seriously awesome. Haven’t done a shoulder stand
yet but will in a few days, you bet!

So I really can’t do without my morning cup of tea and thanks to Peet’s Coffee & Tea. I have found one of their blends is just like the dark, earthy, amber tea that I’m used to.

It’s called  Assam Golden Tip and the price is a golden tip is well $7.45 for 25 tea bags. Come on. For that price you get 80 bags with PG Tips!

Anyways in this austere time. The smell, color and taste of this tea does wonders. Om Shanti. (OS)

Oh and by the way I had a beer last night. Ososososososososososososososososos



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