Posted by: drinkchai | July 24, 2007

Om This Om That – Day 2

Couldn’t sleep last night till 1:00a.m. So waking up at 5:30 was a bit irritating. Nevertheless did my meditation and kirtan (which I’ve come to like, if I can like it when I’m sooo sleepy, It must be good)

Then I went back to my bed and slept till noon! Had my lunch there. Went to get coffee (SSShhh it’s not allowed) and since I broke one rule I broke the other which is: I had a slice of pizza with a lot of garlic (garlic is not allowed…oh yeah… don’t know about pizza :))

Called 5 people backand have to follow up with a couple of them tomorrow.

Waiting for an offer tomorrow from String Letter and then also to hear back from the non-profit Project Ahimsa.

The fog is here now. Looks so purdy. Ok peace out.



  1. One day! you lasted one day without garlic he he … why are they against garlic anyway? too tasty so need to give it up?

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