Posted by: drinkchai | July 11, 2007

Job Freak.

So this prospective recommended employer had an initial phone interview with me. All fair & lovely. Then I get an email saying that they’d like me to take a quiz. (like I’m a 3rd grader, next what SAT scores? or a challenge at Dave & Busters?)


So I begrudgingly say yes and they follow up with a manual that I’m supposed to read, a big one and that the test is going to be for an hour. Then I get an email two days later saying “Sorry for the delay…we’ll get the quiz to you tomorrow” I say “Ok…”

4 days later I get an email saying. “I owe you a BIG apology… the immediate positions have been filled but if you are interested we are experiencing tremendous growth and can contact you if you are still available….”

What should my response be? I’m thinking of one or two of the following in an email:

1. Loser!.

2. Thanks for wasting my time, what makes you think I want to work for you?

3. Be kind and say yes, sure and what not and be a robotic professional, devoid of feelings.

4. Write back only after I get another offer saying. “Thanks. Sorry for the delay I  start my new job tomorrow”

AAargh.. You know what I mean.

Egotistically yours.



  1. I vote for #4. they need to understand that there is a actual human applying for the job and not a machine that will email back when they need it to!

  2. well i hate to say it but thats life. the guy at the other end is a jerk for not being straight. re quiz and what not – i guess its all part of a strategy to see if they hire someone who will fit their culture. my company had a tough tech test and some kind of quiz too.

    so i guess i would choose – ignore them – if they need you they know where to find you

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