Posted by: drinkchai | July 7, 2007

“Right On” but not quite right.

People here say “Right On”, “Dude” (irrespective of gender), “Totally” just the way people in New York say “Like”.

I do miss the NYC intensity and get-to-the-point attitude as people here seem to be drinking a bit of pot-infused water? Just a guess…

I also miss being around my friends where I can’t be considered crazy anymore, cause “…if you are consistently crazy then you are normal…” and new friends have to learn that slowly so I pity them. 🙂

So Dudes when I get my own place here you Totally have to come visit and we can have a great time. Right On!



  1. Ohmmmmmteeeeeeeeeeee your friends back home (yes this will always be home) miss you toooooooooooooo!
    Send them a note/call them/ they feel abandoned they say. I am the receiver of all uhmteee questions on the east coast and I am just passing on the word.

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