Posted by: drinkchai | July 6, 2007

Hours on the internet. No more photos.

At first it used to be for work and to find more work but now it’s JUST to find work.

Plus I got Skype so I can take and make calls from the laptop. It’s fantastic the way it records calls, the way it works and is relatively much cheaper than any cell-phone plan.

A few day ago my friend from LA and his wife were in town and we had one of the most fun nights in a while. The sad news is that as we got to their car in San Francisco, the rear window was smashed and my bag got stolen, iPod, Digital Camera. Thank God I had my wallet was with me and my laptop at M&M’s.

Can’t get new photos anymore. Sorry. Be patient though.

This happened in a busy but good area in San Fran so it was upsetting.

Anyways it was unnerving. Not a good feeling at all.

So now we know not to leave anything in the car. Nothing.



  1. Not just SF, NYC too. My car once got smashed into just for a few quarters. If you have anything in the car put it in the trunk. Buggers all of them! Too bad they didn;t mail you your passport. Or maybe they did? Was there an address in there?

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