Posted by: drinkchai | July 5, 2007

This is it. This is good.

I didn’t know I’d be in San Francisco two months ago but here I am and I’ve decided to stay here.

Like my friend Mundy who is hosting me, always said that this city is the right one for me. I let him  be right after 10 years or so.

Maybe I had to learn and discover myself in New York and now it’s like a next chapter? More time to art. more time to love and less noise. Those are my goals for myself.

I have to get a job that will align with my objectives above. Otherwise it’s a push and pull and pull and push.

A job that will let me be more of myself and I find that’s a criteria for me as a I interview with companies, cause it really becomes apparant how self-interests can either collide or mesh. I’d rather be a museum usher being passionate about an exhibit than a software engineering job that makes me check myself at home and show up at work a discolored version of myself. You no Ah’m Sain’.
Ah noh U noh.

Drop in a line if you feel any which way about my perspective. It’s only my opinion and it’s like an ice-block that becomes a sculpture peice once it’s chipped away. So go ahead chip away!

Love you.



  1. I think it’s fantastic that you self-analyze and then follow up on whatever it is ur analysis throws up. Most people don;t do the former let alone the latter. Bravo Uhmteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee – there is no right and wrong this is life and the only way to do it is to live it and not exist in it

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