Posted by: drinkchai | June 25, 2007

My ex-CEO’s reference for me is listed below.

So this Publisher asks my ex CEO for a reference about me. I’ve quoted her responses below. Love it.

Now I wonder what he really thinks……not! Check out the ending!

“My nickname for Ameet is Hanuman – even sketchy  familiarity with the Gita such as mine reveals him as a mischevious, powerful,  servant god.”

“My admiration for Ameet is such that I refuse to believe he  doesn’t work for me any more…”

“He’s resourceful.  I  used to call him my personal Time Out New York.  Whether you wanted to  know where the new Comme des Garcons store was located, or what was the  hippest new restaurant, he’d not only know the location, but the name of the  architect who designed the store and the chef who comandeered the  kitchen.”

“He’s the kind of guy who could find a way of feeding a family  of six healthily on five bucks and turn it into a story.”

“He’s fun,  daring, and very very much alive.  That shouldn’t be unusual, being alive  that is.  But most people aren’t, and he is.

He loves babies, and  will build a beautiful family one day I hope.  In the meantime, the world  is his family.  I think he favours the Edward Said school of filiation  rather than mere affiliation, as do I of course.  Mother Teresa used to  say we draw the circle of our families too small.  He never does nor  would.”

“And maybe I’ll end the outpouring of sugar with his equanimity,  which is formidable.  He so understands the human condition, and his own,  that his equilibrium is his most impressive attribute.  Neither a  peacock’s tail nor an unbecoming modesty will get in the way of his  disposition or mental outlook.

“If there  was a downside to hiring Ameet?  I wouldn’t consider these insurmountable  traits or downsides, but in the interest of honesty, I’ll try to find  something to balance my love for him.
Maybe he can be scattered, like  some free spirits?  But I know he can also be terribly organised too.
His vantage point may be too particular for some – everyone’s creative  voice is a matter of taste, so you’re the beholder of that one.

“His  butterfly mind hasn’t settled yet, but I think that’s because he belongs to  everyone and no-one, and his new turf will bring him geographical stability  now that he’s decided to put down some roots there. ”

“Ameet and I worked  together for something like four or five years – I’m no good with numbers –  and he’s such an all rounder you could put him anywhere. “

Q.      Is  there anything you know about Ameet that would make him unsuitable for this  position?

  • If  he grows that 70s porn star moustache again he might be too irresistible to  have around the place.




  1. Love it! She so knows you. I think she had her tongue firmly in cheek when she said “I know he can be terribly organised too”
    MmmmHmmmm terribly!

  2. If I was perfect I’d be sooo boring. See even moi has faults, makes me cooler and hang with the plebeians….Well, yesterday I hung out with some lesbians so? Uhhh Hmmmmmm

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