Posted by: drinkchai | June 2, 2007

Something About Mary…

Or PH, that’s my neighbor from Bombay who I grew up with. her brother, my sister and us used to be doing many things together and having fun and pure sillyness.


We had an open door policy where every evening both our doors used to be open and the kids used to walk in and out of each apartment without consent or permission – that was the rule.

If you didn’t like what was for dinner at home, it was only natural to check with the neighbors and ALWAYS there would be a generous helping served for you.

Now that we are older and having seen the world and blah blah it still surprises me how we don’t manage to surprise each other. It’s the same sillyness and looking through the same glass that’s the fun. It’s also quite special to be able to drop all guards and let someone see you for who you are and vice-versa. Something that I’ve begun to appreciate more and more as I’ve gotten older.

Here we are at Harvey’s in San Francisco



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