Posted by: drinkchai | May 29, 2007

This is Toby


Handsome hah. A real sweetheart. A big puppy. I spend most days with him, taking him for a walk or talking to him, he listens really well, Walks with me, is affectionate, playful but never mean…you know where I’m going with this one…


Here is where I write my work, My temporary home. One amongst many. I used to feel guilty but since it’s only temporal and I’m cashing in my Karma points, it feels OK. However I can go from 0-Guilty in 3 seconds. It’s my Jesuit Education in full form!

It’s nice to be in California and I’m liking it more than I thought. I also seem to feel great about leaving NYC (at the costly expense of my friendships)… More musings and tidings later.

Tomorrow I’m going to meet my neighbor from Bombay, we grew up together and she now works for singapore Airlines and gets to San Francisco once in a while, I happen to be here to so we are going shopping…rather she is going shopping tomorrow and I’ll be taking pictures…



  1. Ditch the guilt! it is such a spoiler for the good time you seem to be having.

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