Posted by: drinkchai | May 27, 2007

The Pacific Coast

Here are some photos from LA to Santa Barbara.

Santa Babs is really like Gweneth Paltrow, beautiful, beautiful and that’s it. Why do I feel I’m repeating that…hmm…

Back in Sunnyvale with my friends from college M&M, Baby Sid, S&S and Toby.
Gotta say that northern CA or rather the SF Bay area seems wonderful. Something really good about it.

So I have a job interview with Citrix on Tuesday and another with Life Masters (TBD this week sometime).

Will I still end up in Austin? Only Jesus and Allah know and they are not giving me a clue.

I’m still taking wagers…;)


Here are some photos from the journey.

The trains here have a dining car with white table cloth and then they have a cafe with lounge seating – all the seats are in U formation facing the windows. The windows extend all the way upto the ceiling and they curve upwards so it’s a brightly lit room, almost like a skylight room. From some of the photos you can see the reflection and hopefully can make out the layout of the car. (Next time I’ll take a photo to make it easy) šŸ™‚

The seating allows you have your own group and chat away to glory with food and wine and such. I can see Pappu and Diane scrambling to reserve the seats. šŸ™‚

The trains also have a baby-sitter carriage where you can drop off your babies, it’s fully plush carpeted and nothing for the baby to get into trouble. There are many restrooms, more like airplane style, they also have a ladies lounge, like a dressing room. The trains here are definitely cheap and fun.

Some real nice passengers on borad but these were the most memorable quotes so far…:

Pass1: “I mean CA is great but I prefer living in Washington State. SF is a bit too liberal, how can they say you shouldn’t have a gun, well if the bad guys have a gun I should have one too”


Pass2: ” Santa Barbara has beautiful women, you know women my age don’t look all that great and the young ones in Santa Barbara are bitchin’… ”

I learnt a new word “bitchin’…”

Pass2 was a huge (5’10” 250 lbs kinda) 50+ balding guy with a fu-man-chu and a beard-crouton that was outta control.


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