Posted by: drinkchai | May 21, 2007

“El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles del Río de Porciúncula,”

Also known as Los Angeles or City of Angels.

Angels who breathe in smog and love traffic. Cause that’s what we found besides beautiful looking people.

We had to sit in traffic for at least 5 hours everyday and there was traffic that led everything to a halt even at 12:45a.m. who can blame Rahul if he slept at the wheel and cussed that he wasn’t.

The reprieve was meeting Hoda who has moved into a delightful new place and is doing wonderful at school with top marks and scholarships and all and I’m really proud of her for making a life/career switch with such grace.

The other delight was Prity whose soul-searching has led her back to the West Coast and is she has already gone places that people don’t go. So good to see people take a chance and get that glow from having achieving it. No medals, nothing to show, except for a new genuineness…. you know when you see one…. Something to recognize and cherish.

I love my friends.

LA people. Well one NJ.



  1. Why is there no traffic on the street? Why is it looking like a city that hasn’t been used. I hear you about the traffic on the highways that was my memory of LA.

  2. There is no traffic on this street, cause everybody is stuck in traffic. We escaped!

  3. The 405 Freeway is called 4 or 5 hours freeway. Cause once you get on it even if it’s 10 miles it takes 4/5 hours….
    The merger of the Orange County freeways is called Orange Crush. 7 lanes merge into 3!
    No public transportation that is convenient, everybody in Huge humongous SUVs driving solo. No car-pools in sight, and as I said we had to stop in traffic even at 1:00a.m.
    A complete nightmare.

    That city is Culver City that’s where Hoda moved to, it’s like the Chelsea Equivalent, lots of galleries, artsy things around and is it’s own city like Santa Monica. LA apparantly is made up of 400 cities like that.

    #1 in smog pollution and #1 in beautiful people and #1 in pretense apparantly 🙂

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