Posted by: drinkchai | May 18, 2007

San & Santa Everything (Fran, Juan, Joaquin, Barb, Ana, Luis, Antonio…)

Being in California after New York is like waking up to a sunny day everyday, literally.

Although San Francisco is a city so beautiful, I’ve never appreciated it’s laidbackness more than before or admitted that I liked it so much while I was in New York. It’s nice to be in a city that has self-serve checkouts and coffee shops that allow you to pour your coffee yourself and then drop a dollar in a basket (without any supervision) try that in NYC. Aiiight? No way.

It’s not just about that though it’s about the psyche of the city or the place that allows it. People look healthier here.

I remember having lunches at the end of Wall St. on the pier and throwing crumbs of bread to the pidgeons who gather there, mostly battered with tail feathers missing, sore-eyes, oil stains, yet fighting for the same piece of bread-crumb with all the others…

There are some oil stains that can’t be seen, we all know that and I want my slice of the Apple Pie too, however small but I want to be able to savor it.

I know it’s a bit harsh alliteration but sometimes I feel that way.  About “capitalism” that has become part of our lives.


On Sunday I plan to have tea outside and smile at people who pass my way.


I miss San Di, Santa Parna, San Bu, San Sur, San Bujj, Santa Ienas, Santa KK, ❤ (Try ❤ in Google Chat)


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