Posted by: drinkchai | May 14, 2007

Goodbye New York

After a night of a wonderful dinner with IdleMuse her father and Bu, it was time to say goodbye. Su stopped by right on time and Su-Bu both gave me a parting gift that was overwhelming and really appreciated.

After I got home, I spent leaving stuff out on the street and cleaning up the place. I finished everyting at 3:00a.m. then went to the bank to deposit a couple of checks.

Got home showered and went to La Guardia and after checking in and bearding the plane the next thing I saw Chicago!

On the taxi ride from Union Square to LGA I could see the moon and imagined New York personified by Taylor Dane singing “Love Will Lead You Back”…

A Bientot.



  1. Can’t believe you are gone. It doesn’t feel like it. I guess it will when we don’t get to see you and listen to your mad nonsense. The bujji’s diet will miss the much needed fruitcake.

  2. Honkey!!! Where are the updates?? Where are the musings about the lazy day of admiring beauty, and having the time and luxury to process it in? Come one Ameet… we need to live thru you…especially for this rainy weekend, at the end of a crazy week.

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