Posted by: drinkchai | May 9, 2007


As I was shopping for a suitcase for my travels at Filene’s Basement. I was in a dilemma whether to choose the dark brown, fake-suede with leather trimmings and a saddle stitch or a sand colored boxey suitcase with LA/Hollywood design in mind.

I remembered my London trip with my big duffel bag and how I hesitated to carry the bottle of Robinsons with me as I was nervous about lugging the wieght and that the bottles might get damaged in the travels.

None of those worries now. I bought the sand colored suitcase, sturdy and bigger than the brown one and what I realized that I could just toss in an extra book that I buy or a pair of jeans in it with

out having to re-arrange the existing contents. Yay mini-freedom!

Extrapolating the same concept. It’s the relief to realize what space can offer. I’ve been living in a city where I have to look up to see the sky, where I, like a lot of people I know have so much clutter on their mind. Without realizing I deal with it every day. Everybody is busy all the time. My mind is a like studio apartment here and it navigates through crowded streets, stores, gym, subway.


Q. Why does it bother me? What do I really want?

A. I want more space and I’d like to start with my mind. If I can co-relate and look at my mind being a suitcase. I’d like to simplyfy it. Get rid of any existing contents that serve me no more. No wonder they call it baggage right?

This sense of freedom, of space, that the new suitcase has for me, would be nice to see that incorporated in other aspects of my life. It does translate to physical and mental space is what I realized, so thank you Sandy.

p.s. Now I need a pair of sunglasses to match Sandy!


Now to the Tune of “Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonda!


Less than one minuteĀ old



  1. I am glad that you have dealt with you baggage issues before moving! but I see you point.. what do you think creates the correlationship between living in crowded places and our brains being also crowded? Do you think it is causal? I am hoping it is so that when we move out of the crowd, the brains get less crowded too.

  2. Thanks šŸ™‚

    It’s the stimulus I believe. Constant stimulus. Even the din is loud. The brain has to sort through a multitude of impulses every minute. The brain is on constant overload. I’m more concered about the emotional aspects more than the intellectual and we know how precious silence can be for that.
    I want it.

    I don’t know about crowded spaces/minds relationship much but I think there is a relationship. It’s really about the individual and how they perceive it and eventually it’s about what they want. I see so many, practically everyone in a cafe with headphones + their laptop + cell phones + books, working at least 2 out of 4 at the same time. Why?
    It’s not that I can’t. I don’t want to. I don’t want to see that at least not everywhere. Space please.

  3. i think its about what you want from life and sometimes being in a place like NY you get caught up in other peoples dreams or aspirations which then cloud your own. i know that when we lived in the city we were probably the least hardworking people i knew. in terms of working hours, in terms of how hectic our lives were. but thats the only way we know how to live. i remember getting all hyper when sumeer brought work home (before we had bujji) – so i don’t know if we were the exceptions or what but being in the city certainly did not crowd me – infact it had the opposite effect.
    post-bujji the situation is different. we need the space. bujji enjoys the space – he crawls from room to room and enjoys the light and so do I (minus the crawling). could we have sustained our somewhat rat-race free existence in the city? i don’t know. i like to think we could but somehow I doubt it.

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