Posted by: drinkchai | April 25, 2007

A day laborer’s lesson

A whole day of physical labor and the body and mind are completely relaxed and in a content state.

I guess being in touch with nature and working this way is a good way to release endorphins perhaps?

Having spent most days in front of a computer and talking walks just for lunch or a run around the park is how I used to get my sense-of-physical-well-being but this is far much better.

No wonder we are in awe of athletes because that’s the natural state of the body. (I’m not talking body builders) Something to aspire to hah. Maybe Austin has lots of parks and good weather….hmmm…it does…

Being here in Sheffiled MA, with my friends Gerry and Chapin has been great for me.

I get paid, lunch and dinners on the house and I get to work in nature. Last night I slept for 9 hour. 9 hours of deep deep sleep. Look forward to it tonight as well. Infact today I worked for 10 hours and while we were burning dead-wood and other natural refuse. I found myself asking the fire to take away my limiting beliefs that I carry. I’ll find out soon if it did.

Also looking forward to some star-gazing now.



  1. I like that – the sentence about taking away the beliefs that limit us. I need that too. Get me to a fireplace stat! Or do I meant pronto. So need to watch some medical sit-come thingy.

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