Posted by: drinkchai | April 6, 2007

Meet the Team in Austin…yay!

I’ll be flying out on Delta this evening and will be picked up at the Airport by my new employer.

I’ll get a chance to say hello to the city to SoCo, Guadalupe St, Spider House Coffee Co, and eat some tasty burritos while at it, hopefully catch some live music!

Interview, rather “meet the team” happens on Monday morning, see the numbers for the 1st time, so will be all powdered up. I’ll be having  yogurt with honey in the morning as the Hindu tradition goes for smoothing out all bumps 🙂

Should be back in NYC by Tuesday late night. Should I take pictures or is that too cheesy?



  1. avoid pics

  2. Ignore lazy Hyderabadis. Take lots of pics. Makes blogs come alive.

  3. Sorry I fell for the Hyderabadi comment before the Bong’s.
    Will give you vivid descriptions about Austin when I see yawl.
    By the way Spider House has changed the bar area. Much better now I think.

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