Posted by: drinkchai | April 5, 2007

Meeting J-YO at Sarvanaas in the evening

Last week I had a 3 hour lunch with Scout’s Mom. She treated me to delicious sandwiches and macaroons from the Bouley Bakery and we had them in Central Park, wathcing strange dogs and stranger humans. I have to thank her for helping me look past my blinders which I can sometimes wear as a musician and as a young artist.

I’m totally with IdleMuse when she mentions in her blog that we should all hang out in Central Park more often. (She also says that we should be doing nothing…that I don’t recommend.)

Tonight I’ll be meeting J-Yo and get her wisdom on, astrology, dating, future, writing, life in NYC, cause she’s the super-savvy Yo!

We shall be at Sarvanaas eating yummy home-made South Indian food that other Indians consider fast food and that we South Indians consider snack food as we eat all that (Idli/Dosa/Upma/Vada) for breakfast only.

I still have to meet one Indian who cooks Chicken Vindaloo at home, what a misrepresentation of culture but let’s not go there, let’s EAT!



  1. You and your eating escapes… I am jealous!

  2. Big hello to Scout’s mom from me. Bouley bakery to Central Park thats quite a hike. Are you sure she didn’t get you stuff from Bouchon Bakery?

    PS Doing nothing is highly underrated. It is an art. I challenge anyone to do it for a week.

  3. Doing nothing is wanderfool! That’s the most creative time!
    Oh maybe Bouchon Bakery in the AOL-Time Warner…ok are right…ok.

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