Posted by: drinkchai | April 2, 2007

Tim O’Connell and Maggie Kronin

Saturday March 31, 2007.

Rowayton Beach, CT

Sumeer not only drove me to the event but like family he picked me up from the station, that was the sweetest prelude to the wedding which was surreal.

Margaret never looked so beautiful and as though an inner light was switched on she shined.  The light was deep and I counted myself lucky to have witnessed that glow.  Tim was beaming and proud and they both were beatific, carefree-happy.

Maggie + Tim were saying their vows with the setting sun in the backdrop, following the interfaith ministers sacrosanct instructions and the seagulls were flying, exulting what the trapped-then-released doves signify but they seemed more natural and not coerced, just like the couple who had insisted they marry their way.

There was a silly baby who kept shouting over the ceremony and finally his father carried him away, what a missed “smack” opportunity I thought.

The reached he recption place of The Silvermine Inn even though was navigation was sorely undermined by Mr. Pappau (as it was spelled for the ceremony). The cocktails and hors d’oeuvres made up for the chilly conditions outside and Di and N~n were visibly shivering although one couldn’t drink so she went inside but later, on the dance floor she was jumping to the hip-hop beat!! and was quickly reprimanded by Di’ster.

Over dinner I got a chance to speak more than 5 sentences to Phil who sat beside me and he’s actually not a bad guy… <smile> Looks like people get happier when they leave CNN. What is it a rite of passage? ahahaha.

I did manage to break into a sweat on the dance floor and hullo…we have to do this again….

My heartiest congratualtions to Tim and Margaret.

I’ve been thinking about my own future wedding…hmmm……


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