Posted by: drinkchai | April 2, 2007

Arjun and Amogh turn 3 today!

My nephews Arjun and Amogh turned 3 today. I of course missed the party but I did speak to both of them who were happy to have cakes made as requested (Today’s kids let me tell you)

Arjun had a blue Audi cake and Amogh had a red Mercedes one. How cute. I’ll put photos as I get them.

A few days Amogh got 4th place in a “fancy dress” competition. He was dressed as his Bollywood alter ego Don!

In India it’s probably the #1 child-game with some heavy duty competition. I used to participate every year as a “NariyalPaniWala” Literally means “the guy who keeps cocnut water” so I used to be in a lungi with a basket over my head with coconuts in them and I was supposed to shout “NariwalPani” (coconut water) and it was really hard balancing the basket on my 7 year old shoulders and head but I did it. No awards for me.

I love the fact that there was a 4th position/place. I think all competitions should have as many awards as the number of competitors, what a difference it would make for a child right?

The nephews have begun pre-kindergarten and are super savvy and naughty. Sweet little folks who are going to have their cake and eat it too. I’ll make sure of that.

Back in NYC I’m doing some laundry, some laundry lists and getting ready for my future-employer-roommate-boss-friend-trainer to show up.



  1. SO cute! Send me pics! I figured you more for a 70-s bollywood flick hero type as your costume – but narial pani -walla – now that’s talent.

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